On Demand  (Vubiquity)                       Announcer                           Dir. Brad Hansen

The Loud House  "Net Gains"              Diane                                    Dir. Lisa Schaffer

The Loud House                                     Bethany/Brie                       Dir. Lisa Schaffer

SXW Cheerleading                                  Announcer                          Dir. Rick Chapman

Frontier Cable (Vubiquity)                     Announcer                          Dir. Brad Hansen

ABCmouse                                               Various voices                    Dir. Samantha Flicker

Pershing Square Project                       Narrator                               Dir. Rachel Allen

Scrabble                                                  Announcer



Columbia College Chicago     B.A. in Acting

UCBTLA                                     Improv 101 & 201 - David Harris

The Voicecaster                       Animation - Voiceover -  Marsha Goodman

Acting Studio Chicago            On Camera 1 & 2, Voiceover 1 & 2, Monologues


Disney Animation Workshop with Aaron Drown and Sara Goldberg Sherman

Commercial Workshop with Chris Game

Audition Intensive Workshop with Helen McCready, Fern Champion

Acting: Kurt Naebig, Sheldon Patinkin, David Cromer

Vocal Training: Dr. Lisa Kristina (singing), Kendra Thulin

Improv: James Sherman, Brian Posen



Singing (Mezzo Soprano, Belter); Can Cross Eyes Individually; Can Suck Nostrils Closed; Ear for Accents & Dialects; Kids' Voices; Certified Barista

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